26-Foot-Tall Rubik’s Cube Is Burning Man Tested, Seattle Approved

I suppose after you build yourself a giant 26-foot-tall functioning Rubik’s cube at Burning Man, there’s only one thing left to do: take that show to Seattle’s Pacific Science Center. So is the case for the team over at GroovLabs, a Seattle-based collective of artists that have been building art installations together for years.

…this is our first major installation in Seattle after having successfully done a number of large art installations at Burning Man.

The Groovik’s cube is a fully playable, LED driven Rubik’s cube, hung from the ceiling, corner down. It can be played and solved by the visitors.

A particularly interesting feature is that we have split the controls into 3 stations placed around the cube, each allowing only one axis of rotation. This means 3 people have to collaborate together to solve it. [source]

It’s a pretty impressive venture and you can catch footage from the build after the jump. Don’t worry, no one is going to force you to drink party punch and get naked in the desert for three days…that is, unless you want to?

[via io9]