“28 Weeks Later” Director Up For “Highlander”?

“Highlander” is one of the goofiest movies the ’80s ever put out: we’re pretty sure it only got approved because Queen agreed to do the soundtrack. But the first one, at least, is a lot of fun; everybody enjoyed working on it so much that they came back to do reshoots for free, and that backstage joviality is really what makes it.

So, needless to say, Hollywood is remaking it as mechanically as possible with a hack director. Their hack director of choice, Justin Lin, has bailed to make yet another “Fast and Furious” movie (there are going to be SIX of them?), so they need to find someone else. Their leading choice? Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who you might remember is helming another bad-idea-of-a-remake, “The Crow”, with Bradley Cooper, but whose “Intruders” is supposed to be pretty good.

No word on whether Christopher Lambert and his epic hair will be making an appearance.

[ via the franchisees at Deadline ]