40 Dogs Have Inexplicably Vanished From A Texas Town

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Getty Image / Oli Scarff

A small town in Texas is currently experiencing something best described as “super crappy.” Forty dogs have gone missing from Wise County, and there is only one clue linking all of the disappearances together (and it essentially means nothing).

From Gawker:

There’s no physical evidence so far, and the only apparent clue is a strange car that someone reported the same day a dog went missing in the neighborhood. But police say they still don’t have any suspect descriptions or specific vehicle details.

So forty dogs are missing from Wise County, and none of the occupants have any idea how it happened. Some speculate dog fighting rings, but most have no idea and no leads — other than a “strange car.”

People suck. Kidnap as many of them as you want, but leave the dogs alone. Dognapping is just not f*cking cool. Unless it is an actual dog taking a nap, then it’s kinda cute.

Via NBCDFW, H/T Gawker