How Will 50 Cent Bounce Back From Filing For Bankruptcy?

It’s pretty hard to believe the news that rapper/actor/entrepreneur 50 Cent has filed for bankruptcy, not just because his lawyer says he’s not broke, but because the guy still makes it rain. For starters, the guy earned $100 million from his Vitamin Water investment, as suckers everywhere keep looking for delicious water alternatives that will supposedly make them healthier. He also earned $78 million to sell us all $100 underwear. And let’s not forget the rapper’s movie production company (the second one, because the first one failed) that has roped in such A-listers as Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe to be his co-stars. Sure, those movies are hilariously bad, but money is money, right?

Regardless, a series of bad decisions has led 50 Cent to this point, as his failed clothing line and fight promotion, among other truly bad ideas, have cost him dearly. With more on what 50 Cent will have to do to dig out of this hole, anchors Tom Storey and Briana Lane weigh in on today’s episode of The Desk.