8 Long, Lost Celebrities Who Turned Up In The Weirdest Places

Fame always remains with celebrities. It doesn’t just fade away. Sometimes it lingers like a stinky cheese left in a hot room. These are the famous people who resurfaced in the strangest and saddest of settings.

1. Erin Moran

The Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi star was once on one of the top-rated shows on television until it literally jumped a shark. Years later, little Joannie Cunningham grew up into a walking trailer trash stereotype after photographers caught her being evicted from an Indiana trailer park.

2. Pat Boone
The dull, dulcet tones of the 50’s crooner wasn’t exciting enough for his time let alone the sullen, brooding 90’s music scene. So he launched a desperate attempt to stay relevant to music fans who didn’t reside in hospices. He cranked out a heavy metal album and actually showed up at the American Music Awards dressed in a full leather outfit.

3. Tila Tequila

The phrase “former MTV reality star” is usually the step up to a really tragic story but the fact that this Tila Tequila story doesn’t end with a drug overdose is a true tragedy. That’s because she became a Hitler sympathizer who wrote an extensive blog post claiming to reveal the “True History” about the genocidal monster. She even posted the above photo on her Facebook page dressed as a sexy Nazi just to prove to everyone that she wasn’t joking.

4. Frank Stallone
We thought that selling yourself on eBay for sex or some other bizarre festish was the lowest point a human can reach but Sylvester Stallone’s brother found a way to make it sadder. Last year, he offered his services as a musician for someone’s New Year’s Eve party to the highest bidder at the rock bottom price of $20,000. Even sadder, no one took him up on the offer.

5. Kennedy

MTV used to be a hip place where kids could rebel against their parents with corporate sponsored, PMRC-unapproved music videos. Kennedy actually turned into our parents when she got a show on the Fox Business Network that lets her be the cranky, old conservative that she’s apparently been emotionally suppressing for all these years.

6. Macaulay Culkin

The post Home Alone life of the former movie star is a 10-pileup of child star tragedy. In fact, the band he recently formed, a Velvet Underground tribute group that turns their greatest hits into songs about pizza, is one of the less tragic developments of his life until, of course, we actually hear them perform.

7. Chyna

Usually, revelations of a celebrity’s porn career happened before they become famous. In this case of this ex-WWE superstar, it came later (stop giggling about puns, you’re better than that). Joanie “Chyna” Laurer followed her wrestling and chemically addicted reality star careers with a porn career with Vivid Entertainment.

8. Heather Donahue

This actress once had the most famous right eyes and runny nose in horror film history as the star of the sleeper hit The Blair Witch Project. The fame wouldn’t last and she soon left the acting business to become a marijuana farmer in California’s pot boom.

All images via Getty Image