A Bride-To-Be Is Seeking The Corgis She Requires For Her Wedding Day On Craigslist

A Boston woman posted the following Craigslist ad seeking help to find the perfect touch to what she describes as what will be “the most wonderful storybook wedding.” That perfect touch will just come in the form of your pet Corgi, who she would like to be carried down the aisle by her bridesmaid in lieu of flowers. Man, I barely know anything about this couple but I already feel bad for the dude.

But hey, if you live in the Boston area and can procure a Corgi for this woman, there’s cake in it for you! Here’s the ad, which is still live at the time of this writing.

The full text:

This next April, I will be getting married to the man of my dreams and we will be having the most wonderful storybook wedding that Boston has ever seen. The icing on the cake is sweet, but there’s one thing that would be even sweeter than that. Traditionally, bridesmaids’ hold bouquets; in our wedding, I want them to hold corgis.

Unfortunately, I do not have enough corgis for my bridesmaids. I require six more in order to make this dream come true. I’m looking to rent six corgis for roughly two and a half hours during the ceremony. Because this a my dream wedding, price is negotiable and I appreciate your understanding. Please reach out to me if you have six sociable corgis which you would be willing to rent out. These animals would be treated perfectly, and I would love to get us all together to familiarize ourselves with each other.

In addition to pay, I would be happy to also share some cake with you.

As Jezebel perceptively notes, “if she needs six more corgis, how many does she already have/how many bridesmaids does she have?” That is an excellent question. You’d think if one were going to attempt something outlandish as having your bridesmaids carry Corgis down the aisle, you’d attempt to make the number of bridesmaids at least somewhat proportionate to the amount of corgis you already have access to.

I guess every bride wants her wedding to be perfect, but you also have to be realistic. Personally I just wanted my husband to not get drunk and fall down, breaking open a flask full of whiskey in the pocket of his white tuxedo, but I sure as sh*t didn’t get my way either.

(Via Jezebel)