A British Dwarf Pooped On The Floor Of His Local City Council Office To Protest Unfair Living Conditions

Ian Salter-Bromley, a 54-year-old, four-foot-tall dwarf residing in Hull, England, is facing jail time after he pooped on the floor of Hull’s Wilson Centre, which appears to be a subsidiary of local government that assists those who are disabled and in need. Back on July 29th, Salter-Bromley called the council staff “useless f*****s” before removing his pants, exposing himself and pooping twice on the floor.

So why would an otherwise rational (just assuming) person poop all over the floor of a government building? According court documents, he didn’t like the assisted housing he had been provided with.

Salter-Bromley said he had a miserable life because his council flat in Anlaby Road, west Hull, had terrible neighbours and the specifications he needed for the height of the worktops had not been met.

He said: “I have never lived there. I am officially the tenant, but everything is 8in too high. No one seems to be bothered. I have to crawl up two flights of stairs. What man in a wheelchair has to do that?

“My neighbours are drug addicts, alcoholics and young mothers. I have to put up with all their abuse. People make fun of me. You would not believe the abuse I get. Kids say in the holidays ‘let’s torment the dwarf’.

Well, I can’t speak for the housing not having adequate facilities for someone with his particular disability, but as far as getting picked on by kids . . . It seems like he could probably just cut out the middle man and actually poop on the kids who are tormenting him. Kids’ll learn pretty fast not to toy with a pooping midget.

(Via Hull Daily Mail)