A Broken Photo Booth At This Ohio Chuck E Cheese Led To A Brutal Birthday Beating

Six Chuck E. Cheese employees were injured after a party of guests decided to complain about a broken photo booth and beat the crap out of the folks working at the restaurant. Security footage caught the entire incident unfold and Fox 8 in Cleveland spoke to employee Andre David and detailed the experiences in the restaurant:

Just after 7 p.m., a woman attending a birthday party at the Chuck E. Cheese on Ridgewood Drive complained to the manager because the photo booth was not working, Police Sgt. Kevin Riley said. The manager told the woman she would have to wait.

That’s when one of the men from the party followed the manager into the kitchen, threatening to kill him. Parma police said the manager suffered injuries to his face and head as he was beaten. When employees tried to intervene, more men from the birthday party joined the brawl…

“Half of them were cheering him on, the other half were screaming. Their children and grandchildren were running around while we were fighting and they don’t know what’s going on and there’s blood everywhere”

You can truly start a fight over anything, can’t you? Getting beat to the point of injury should never be the result of a broken arcade game, photo booth, or any other sort of carnival ride (unless you’re carny folks and you settle your business like that). Chuck E. Cheese released a statement earlier on the incident. From Fox 8:

“We are anxious to bring these individuals to justice and are actively working with Parma police to provide information that will lead to their arrest,” a Chuck E. Cheese spokeswoman said in a statement on Monday. “We are deeply saddened that individuals would choose to behave in this manner in front of children and families.”

The security footage can be seen below and Davis’ interview can be seen on the Fox 8 web site (it might be an autoplay video, so I was concerned about just dropping it in-post). You can tell things got pretty heated from the start, but luckily nobody got seriously injured. If they did, we might end up seeing six more Five Nights At Freddy’s games. My nerves couldn’t handle that.

(Via Fox 8)