A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay – July 8th

Once again we’re casting the spotlight on the awesome artisans who recreate and model comic costumes, bringing superheroes to life at cons and events throughout the year. Gamma Squad is committed to giving a voice and credit to the cosplay community. Each week there will be a spotlight on our favorite costumes and a monthly cosplay contest in which we’d love for cosplayers to participate.
Each month we’ll be picking a theme and inviting cosplayers, costumers and photographers to submit related pictures of their work to our Flickr group to be considered. We’ll then pick our top choices and post them on Gamma Squad for the adoration of all.
The themes for the upcoming months are:

  • July: The Avengers
  • August: The Walking Dead
  • September: The DC Reboot
  • We hope these themes will inspire all cosplayers. And in the meantime, here’s some other fantastic examples of what we think is the best of cosplay.


    Lady Deadpool cosplay by Versidian on Deviantart. Source: Deviantart

    There might be an argument that Deadpool himself is overexposed, but Lady Deadpool is fast becoming a favorite amongst cosplayers. Versidian provides a great take on the concept.

    Steph Brown Robin and Huntress cosplay by Jenn and Christine of the DangerousLadies cosplay group at San Diego Comic-Con 2010. Photo by Flickr’s Ptrickw. Source: Flickr

    The Dangerous Ladies group produce some fantastic cosplay of DC’s greatest female characters and with no sign of Stephanie Brown or Helena Bertinelli in the new DC lineup, its good to see they’re still getting lots of love from cosplayers.

    Bullseye cosplay by Chris Burns at HeroesCon 2010. Costume by God Save the Queen. Photography by the amazing LJinto. Source: Flickr

    The fantastic Chris Burns certainly has the attitude to pull off a deadly looking Bullseye. And cosplay is much less permanent than having your head tattooed. We’re looking at you Colin Farrell.

    She-Hulk Cosplay by Bellechere. Photo by Eurobeatking. Source: Flickr

    It takes a committed cosplayer to get out the airbrush and paint themselves unusual colors. Bellechere is one of those cosplayers prepared to go that extra mile to really get in character.

    Scarecrow cosplay by Deviantart’s Boredman, taken at Paris Manga 2010 by Julien Rico. Source: Deviantart

    It takes more than sackcloth and a bad attitude to create a memorable Scarecrow cosplay and Boredman makes this costume truly sinister.

    Ultimate Kitty Pryde cosplay by Yashuntafun of American Cosplay Paradise. Source:

    Shodowcat’s had her fair share of terrible costumes over the years, but that isn’t the case here, thanks to some amazing cosplay by Yashuntafun.

    Superman vs. Doomsday at Dragon*Con 2010. Doomsday cosplayed by Brin Londo. Superman cosplayed by Jonathan Carroll AKA Monkey of Steel. Source: Photobucket

    Sometimes cosplayers will come up with a concept and execution jaw-dropping enough to set themselves above official media costumes. We think you’ll agree that’s the case here.

    Sally Jupiter Cosplay by Kelldar. Submitted via our Flickr group.

    Kelldar is one of the most prolific and creative cosplayers on the scene and this cosplay of the Silk Spectre from Watchmen is another classic creation.

    Spider Sense Peter Parker Photo taken at MarvelFest NYC 2009. Photo by Flickr’s istolethetv. Source: Flickr

    This cosplayer applies some creativity to his Peter Parker costume to give it that real Steve Ditko Silver Age feel.

    Batman… Hailing a cab? Cosplay by Bob Kieffer. Submitted via our Flickr group.

    We guess Jason Todd managed to get away with the tires off the Batmobile this time, leaving this classically colored Batman cosplayer to make alternative arrangements.