A Former Power Ranger Has Been Using His Stuntman Training To Rob Homes

Yasutomo Ihara was one of the guys whose face you don’t know, but whose moves you definitely do: He was one of the many stuntmen in suits for tokusatsu series such as Power Rangers and Kamen Rider. And now, apparently, he’s a thief… and a surprisingly successful one.

Ihara, according to Kotaku, lost his job running around in a motorcycle helmet when he injured his knee. Not having anywhere else to turn, or simply wanting to seem really awesome to the Internet when he got caught, he started sneaking into homes by climbing up the walls or shimmying up utility poles before entering the home. That earned him the nickname of, what else, Spider-Man.

And he was fairly prolific: According to the authorities, they believe he’s responsible for robbing 43 homes of nearly $77,000 worth of cash and valuables. Ihara, for his part, doesn’t seem to have released a statement yet, possibly because the Japanese justice system is a bit different from our own.

Apparently, Ihara was saving up the money to afford to go to acting school and become a professional, beyond just taking a few hits in a rubber suit. It’s not clear what restitution he’ll have to make or what sentence he’ll serve. But if it’s any consolation to him, at least he’s not the Power Ranger who’s fallen the farthest.