A Guy On 4Chan Liveblogged Getting His Penis Stuck In A Roll Of Tape


In composing this post and selecting a category, choosing “Web Culture” has never felt more appropriate. Because if I had to sum up web culture as a whole, I feel like “liveblogging a d*ck stuck in a roll of masking tape” would do it.

It started with a 4chan post featuring the words “/b/ HELP! I can’t lose the boner! I’ve had it for about 20 minutes + WTF DO I DO?” and a photo of the aforementioned erect penis with a roll of masking tape stuck on it, all the way down. From there, we received vital updates, including a call to the ambulance and a happy face drawn on the still-in-peril unit.

You can read this saga here and here (uncensored and NSFW, though I think my censored smudge-tooled version looks a bit like Beaker from the Muppets, which adds a really interesting spin to the story). I don’t know how to properly emphasize how NSFW these threads are other than to tell you they are literally filled with pictures of a penis with a roll of tape on it. If you’re expecting something else, you will not find that something.

Source: The Daily Dot