A Hiker Accidentally Caught The Chilean Volcano Erupting On Video

Last week, the Calbuco Volcano in Chile erupted after laying dormant for 40 years. At that exact moment, a man by the name of Walter Witt was out on a hike in a nearby valley and caught the eruption of the Calbuco volcano on video while he was taking in all the beauty that nature provides. In moments like this, it’s best to not spend too much time thinking of a witty one-liner.

Witt yelled, “Wow. Wow,” and, “F*ck me!” which are both acceptable terms of phrase when faced with the possibility of being swept away by an impending lava flow or being drowned in a cloud of volcanic ash.

The hiker further explained the ordeal in the description section of his YouTube video and he apparently forgot to charge his cell phone:

I was on the third day of my trip using a mobile phone to take photos, videos and to communicate with other people. My phone probably had no more than 15% battery left and if I wanted to get out of there I really needed to save its energy in order to get rescued.

Only 15% battery left? This man is practically living his life on the razor’s edge.

Source: Happy Place