A London Hair Salon Made Fun Of Kim Jong-Un’s Hair And Received A Visit From His Goons

Last month, news broke that totally sane, rational and incredibly fashion-forward North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un had reportedly made a new rule that required every man in his country to get his haircut. Obviously, when you take a look at that radical ‘do, it’s hard to imagine how the women of North Korea managed to keep from flooding the land at the thought of every man having it, but he wouldn’t be the sun, moon and Johnny Mountain with weather on the 1s if he wasn’t Kim Jong-Un.

There were some people, however, that thought the idea was somehow humorous, as if all of the men looking like they visited the same narcoleptic barber was something to make fun of. For example, the owner of the M&M Hair Academy salon in London made a very special window poster to advertise an April special for men, and you could say that this pokes a little fun at Kim Jong-Un’s hair.

The poster soon gathered plenty of attention on the streets, and that’s when things got a little tense for Mo Nabbach and his son and hairdresser, Karim. They told media outlets and police that two men showed up claiming to be from the North Korean embassy, and they didn’t have much of a sense of humor about it.

Mr Nabbach’s son Karim, 26, said: “We put up a poster offering a discount on men’s haircuts.

“Then North Korean officials came in and asked for it to be taken down.

“My father told them: ‘This is England and not North Korea’ and he told them to get their lawyers.”

His father removed the poster, but quickly put it back up after some of his clients urged him to demonstrate that Britain is a democracy.

Mr Nabbach said: “The two men were wearing suits and they were very serious. My father said it was very threatening.”

Mr Nabbach revealed that his father went to the police over the visit.

“The police have decided to take no action, ” he said. “That is fine because nothing has happened to the salon.

“Until something actually happens, we don’t need to go any further with it.” (Via the Telegraph)

While the police might not have thought this was serious, we’ll know how dangerous the threat was when Kim Jong-Un’s carrier pigeon returns to him next month, and a missile intended for the M&M Hair Academy hits the East China Sea.