Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Was Breaking Hearts In This High School Yearbook Photo

We unconditionally love Breaking Bad around here. (Seriously, it could kick our dog and we’d say, “That’s just Breaking Bad being Breaking Bad.”) Our love for the show has extended to finding the earlier projects of its stars, such Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman. We’ve already chuckled at Aaron Paul acting in a Corn Pops commercial (a cereal which he hasn’t eaten since), appearing on The Price Is Right in 1998, playing a bullied kid in a KoRn video, and killing Breaking Bad co-star Giancarlo Esposito on an episode of Ghost Whisperer.

Now we have one of his high school yearbook photos, because yearbook photos will always be dug up. And we know what you’re thinking: “I didn’t know Aaron Paul used to be Asian.” No no, direct your focus to the pretty young lantern-jawed lady just a bit to the left:

Yeah, bitch! Tuxedos!

The picture was unearthed by the always awesome r/breakingbad, and this is also completely relevant: