Aaron Sorkin Had Some Choice Words For Marjorie Taylor Greene After She Randomly Quoted ‘A Few Good Men’

The new year is already rollicking for Marjorie Taylor Greene. We’re only four days in, and yet the controversial Georgia lawmaker has already been permanently booted from Twitter, temporarily banned from Facebook, and gotten into a tussle with fellow Republican Dan Crenshaw. Now she’s added another notch to her belt: She’s pissed off Aaron Sorkin.

On Sunday, after Greene was kicked off Twitter because she couldn’t stop posting COVID misinformation, she went on a bit of a tirade. Among her charges was that Twitter was “an enemy of the people and can’t handle the truth.” It was a nod to the most famous exchange from Sorkin’s play A Few Good Men, turned into a star-studded, smash hit movie in 1992, where it was uttered by no less than Jack Nicholson.

But Sorkin wasn’t honored that arguably the most famous sentence he ever wrote wound up repeated by last year’s most notorious addition to the House. The playwright, screenwriter, and filmmaker — most recently of Being the Ricardos — went on The Late Late Show with James Corden. And when his host asked him about Greene quoting him, Sorkin’s response came so quick that he cut Corden off: “Yeah, she can go to hell.”

He later added, “I liked it a lot better when Burger King was using it in its billboards,” a nod to an advertising campaign the fast food chain used in 1998 to sell more Whoppers. In any case, he seemed less mad at Greene than he was at The New Yorker‘s semi-recent Jeremy Strong profile.

You can watch Sorkin trash Greene in the video above. The relevant exchange happens around the 4:50 mark.