Aaron Sorkin's Herculean Dickishness Has Inspired A 'Hey Internet Girl' Tumblr

06.26.12 3 Comments

If it wasn’t previously abundantly clear to the world that ridiculously celebrated writer of angry diatribes Aaron Sorkin — “the Tyler Perry for liberal arts majors” — is a dick of staggering proportions, he all but pronounced himself Sir Dickus Maximus, King of the Dicks in an interview over the weekend with a young lady reporter from the Globe and Mail.
“Listen here, Internet girl…it wouldn’t kill you to watch a film or pick up a newspaper once in a while,” the pompous Hollywood wordsmith bloviated dickishly at one point — a mind-bogglingly dickish thing to say that has become the most oft-quoted condescending dick quote in a an interview chock full of condescending dick quotes.
Naturally, the internet was not going to sweep this dickish crap under the rug without doing everything it could to illuminate and mock Sorkin’s arrogant, sexist and archaic dick-speak. Thus, a Hey Internet Girl Tumblr — a play on the plethora of Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” Tumblrs out there — exists. My favorites of the early, so very dickish collection are on the following pages. Enjoy.

(HT: Jessica Valenti)

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