The ADL Chief Is Sounding The Alarm Over Twitter Giving A Platform To ‘Obvious Antisemite’ Tucker Carlson

Just a month after getting fired from his Fox News hosting gig, Tucker Carlson is back on camera spewing the kind of conspiracy theories that made his reputation. Instead, Elon Musk has apparently offered Carlson a safe space to shout about how hard it is to be a wealthy white man in today’s society.

It only took one episode of Tucker on Twitter — no points for originality to be earned here — for the host to spout enough vitriol to get the head of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, to condemn Carlson’s new program and issue a stark warning to Musk.

“For years @TuckerCarlson slyly wove anti-Jewish conspiracies into his show on @FoxNews — attacking George Soros, slandering Paul Singer, and making other unfounded claims. Now the mask is fully off,” Greenblatt wrote. “He opened his new ‘show’ on @Twitter by describing Zelensky as ‘sweaty and rat-like’ and ‘a persecutor of Christians.’ Complete lie. Even if you disagree with US foreign policy, invoking antisemitic imagery and tropes is a perverse and prejudicial way to build a case.”

Carlson, who looked to have filmed the episode from the inside of a barn with the kind of low-budget equipment that meant doors could be heard slamming in the background, touched on everything from Jeffrey Epstein to BLM, but it was antisemitism in discussing Russia’s assault on Ukraine that stole the show.

“Tucker scared major advertisers off FOX Primetime for years. He traded in conspiracies. He appealed to cranks. Now this — at a time when #antisemitism is surging in America and around the world,” Greenblatt continued before appealing to new Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino. “If @lindayacc wants to attract Fortune 500 advertisers and @elonmusk wants to create a genuine public square, it might be wise not to give this obvious antisemite such a huge megaphone. Let Tucker and his ilk push their hate somewhere else.”

Greenblatt’s full thread is below:

That Fox lawsuit will make this even more of a mess.

(Via Mediaite)