‘After Earth’ Trailer Features Killer Monkeys

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03.11.13 8 Comments

It should give you an idea of just how badly things have gone for M. Night Shyamalan that the trailer for his new movie After Earth makes no mention of the fact that he directed it. But it features killer monkeys, so it can’t be all bad.

Also, if you look closely, this trailer features Will Smith killing aliens with a sword, while the aliens use guns. So it’s basically a Riddick movie:

Equally as distracting is the fact that this trailer opens with the main menu music from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, although we guess that’s better than Hollywood beating the score to Requiem For A Dream into the ground.

We’re just wondering how much of the movie is Will Smith’s kid getting chased by CGI wildlife, because that seems to be the key selling point of the trailer, that and “Will Smith is a dick to his kid”. Did people really hate the Karate Kid remake that much?

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