'Air Sex Expert' Manages To Do Something Even Howard Stern Found 'Highly Offensive'

Before this week, I’ve never made even the slightest effort to watch America’s Got Talent, though I was tempted briefly when it was announced that Howard Stern would be a judge on the show. However, I stood my ground. American Idol and all the shows like AGT its success have spawned are just not my thing.

But I made a point to watch it this week as a power-bearded friend of mine by the name of Chris Trew — a comedian from New Orleans whose other claims to fame include being a professional wrestling manager on the indie circuit and host of the world Air Sex championships — was slated to make an appearance. (Coincidentally, he and I are both quoted in an Atlantic piece out today about the renaming of the New Orleans Hornets.) He did not disappoint.

In fact, he may have actually done something no other human being has ever managed: deliver a performance Howard Stern deemed “highly offensive.” Yes, my friend Chris performed air sex — something our boys at With Leather have covered extensively — on America’s Got Talent

Are you sitting down? Here’s video…

I spoke to Chris recently about his appearance on the show and he told me that the producers of the show really limited what he could do on stage — something about it being a “family show” or some bullshit. Anyway, my man is on the ropes right now, and he blames it all on Howard Stern

Clearly I was robbed and Howard Stern should be ashamed of himself for keeping me out of Las Vegas. I will get my revenge and prove to the world that the Air Sex Championships is a legit sport. I am not mad at Sharon Osbourne, she is a weird Canadian with shitty taste. Howie Mandel was nice to me. Howard Stern screwed me.

Hopefully this all has a happy ending (pun intended). DO THE RIGHT THING AND HAVE THIS MAN ON YOUR SHOW, HOWARD STERN! !!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to see Chris and other air sex professionals perform, I suggest you check his website for tour dates. Otherwise, you can catch him performing in New Orleans and Austin with the improv comedy troupes he co-founded in both of those cities. He also occasionally hosts RAW viewing parties on Monday nights in Austin with With Leather’s Brandon Stroud if you’re ever in the area and feel so inclined.