Alex Jones Claims That President Trump Calls Him All The Time During ‘Executive Time’

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01.24.18 3 Comments

One would be wise to never believe anything said by InfoWars host Alex Jones (other than when he admits to eating a big bowl of chili) After all, it’s nearly been a year to the date since Jones falsely claimed that his outlet secured White House press credentials, but he’s still talking because, for whatever reason, his rabid audience keeps listening and purchasing his snake-oil supplements.

The proud conspiracy theorist’s latest claim involves President Trump’s ballooning “executive time,” which reportedly includes hours of TV, tweeting and phone calls. During one of his latest InfoWars episodes, Jones tried to make everyone believe that not only does he “talk to the CIA, FBI connections, Army intelligence connections,” but he’s also got a direct line to Trump. Sort of. Jones actually said that Trump keeps calling him during executive time, but those regular calls have been missed:

“I talk to the president, haven’t talked to him in months. I’ve missed his call. Media wants a story, there it is. I’ve missed the president’s call three times in the last few months. Uh-oh, [White House chief of staff Gen. John] Kelly will find out and go spank him. I just got to get up early in the morning because that’s when the calls come in, in his executive time. That’s what Trump does all day.”

Trump does a lot of really weird stuff during his executive time, but this would be the strangest, other than maybe talking about little pizzas on top of pizzas. Yet this Jones claim is to be expected, after all, from a guy who defends the president’s penis while talking about possible nuclear war.

(Via Media Matters)

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