This Is What Happens When You Let People Buy All The Frozen Yogurt That Fits In A Cup For Five Bucks

A Menchies frozen yogurt chain in Dublin, California, made an offer that Roselatte and four of her friends couldn’t refuse: “Come in tonight to Menchie’s between 5-10pm and fill your cup as high as you can for only $5! We can’t wait to mix it up with you!”

And mix it up they did. Roselatte and friends walked away with an all-you-can-jam-in-a-cup haul that would make Ron Swanson himself proud (if it were meat instead of froyo). The final tally was 58 oz ($26) of frozen yogurt for $5.45 after tax. The $100 bill is there for scale, as it was the only bill in one of the friends’ wallets (Christmas money) rather than an attempt to say, “Oh, look how rich we are with our hundies and our froyo mountain.”

And don’t worry about the store. The employees reportedly loved the stunt, giving the five friends a couple of free waffle bowls for structural integrity and asking them to put the picture on Facebook to show their boss later. Now that the picture’s going viral, the store has definitely gotten their twenty-one dollars worth.

Roselatte says, “Yes we ate it all.” She added in a separate post, “And yea, while building it, we never felt more American.”