Allow Alan Rickman To Screw Up Your Childhood With This Creative Short Film

I’ll just flat out tell you that there are spoilers below regarding this short, so you might want to watch it before reading. After that we can discuss how Ben Ockrent & Jake Russell have used Alan Rickman to ruin childhood as we know it.

This short film is written and directed by Ockrent and Russell, featuring Rickman as a very creepy version of the tooth fairy. And how is he creepy? Well it’s actually not too far off from the classic myths, except for the fact that he snorts this little girls tooth like Mel Gibson on a Thursday.

It’s not twisted in the sense that I’m thrown off by it, but it’s meant to be twisted and throws the whole mythology for a loop. I guess I’m saying it’s pretty creative for a short and I like that I watched it. Beats the hell out of CBGB.

(Via One Giant Production)