"Amalur 2" Dead Because of Rhode Island, According to Curt Schilling

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Curt Schilling, who you might remember as the extremely rich baseball player who stiffed his employees on their last paycheck before firing them, has decided to talk about the real victim in 38 Studios melting down. Namely, Curt Schilling, who was shamelessly victimized by mean old Rhode Island, the state that’s likely going to be on the hook for $100 million in debt.

Schilling claims that if Lincoln Chaffee, the state’s governor, had just not expressed concern that his constituents might get screwed out of nine figures Schilling’s game studio owed them, somebody was totally about to give him $35 million to publish “Kingdoms of Amalur 2”.

We actually give this a little credibility. “Amalur” managed to pull a decent Metacritic score, but that wasn’t reflected in sales. But it still moved about a million copies, so a sequel might have had an audience.

Still, since Curt is throwing himself a big ol’ pity party, since obviously he’s the real victim here instead of the people he didn’t pay for their work and then promptly fired, we’re a little skeptical it was that close to a done deal.

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