NYC-Based Filmmaker Fulfills Prophesy, Creates Haunting, Vimeo-Hosted Viral Video On Irene

Over the weekend, as Hurricane Irene was bearing down on New York City, Los Angeles-based director and all-around funny person Peter Atencio tweeted the following: “@Vimeo just declared a state of emergency, says a dangerous surge of NYC hurricane DSLR footage set to haunting music is only days away.” His prophesy was realized today when the video embedded above started floating around the web, and I would not be at all surprised if more like it are to come.

Don’t get me wrong, the video above created by Buffalo Pictures is haunting and beautiful, but such works have almost become comically predictable, as illustrated by Atencio’s tweet, which is even funnier now because it was so prophetic.

Meanwhile, in the Hamptons, a makeup-less Gwyneth Paltrow heroically refused to cancel a cookbook signing over the weekend as the storm approached, because she’s such a badass and all.

Despite warnings for New Yorkers to take cover as Hurricane Irene approached, Gwyneth made her way to an independent bookshop and warmly greeted her fans. The superstar actress sat on a simple wooden stool and held a microphone as she talked about her new cookbook.

And if Irene had tried to harm any of the attendees of her signing, Gwyneth would have surely kicked her squarely in the c*nt and sent her on her way back up the coast, in case you were wondering, because Gwyneth came dressed for a brawl.