‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle’s Widow May Be Just As Good With A Gun As He Was

"American Sniper" Washington DC Premiere
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It turns out Taya Kyle, the widow of American Sniper subject Chris Kyle, might actually be a better shot than her husband. That or she at least picked the right gun for a shooting contest. Kyle took down an NRA champion shooter this past weekend using a weapon that had her husband’s seal of approval, all while raising some money for charity. Everybody’s favorite patriotic news network was there with the news:

To win, both competitors also had to shoot in a range of positions, including prone and off-hand shots. They also had to tackle blind shots when the shooter takes shots while completely hidden without a direct line of sight to the target. The competitors also emulated Chris Kyle’s famous long-distance ‘Sadr city shot,’ which was featured in the film American Sniper.

And Kyle emerged the victor – by a lot. She made ALL of her shots from prone, kneeling, sitting and from cover…as in every single one – 100 percent.

How did the NRA champ fare? Piatt made 58.4 percent of the shots.

About $500,000 was raised for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and Kyle walked away with some nice headlines. The big factor in making 100 percent of your shots is likely the TrackingPoint firearm she used, which reading about it makes it sound like an ad for the weapon itself:

Kyle explained why she chose to be armed with TrackingPoint at the shootout. “The technology of the gun was developed based on conversations with Chris [Kyle] about what factors a marksman has to consider on with every shot,” she told, via email. “The end result is technology that I know would have saved lives of friends we have lost and will save life and/or limb of those who put it all on the line for the 99 percent of us they choose to give their life for.”

The rifles incorporate a range of innovations like the company’s “RapidLok Target Acquisition.” As a warfighter pulls the trigger, the target is automatically acquired and tracked. The range is also calculated and measured for velocity. Accuracy is enhanced because all this work is accomplished by the time the trigger is completely squeezed.

If it isn’t one of those guns from The Fifth Element, I’m not happy. Now given the recent global events, this type of story might seem a little insensitive or questionable. But at the same time, I kinda feel like it shows the responsible side of gun ownership. There is the other side of that coin out there which doesn’t interest me at all, but isn’t something to be punished. That said, I don’t think I’d want anybody I know using a TrackingPoint rifle and I certainly wouldn’t want it to get into the hands of somebody looking to do harm.

The entire shootout event was part of the American Sniper Shootout and featured musical performances from country artists like Asleep At The Wheel and sorta acted as a promotional event for the firearm and the charity. Still nice that she’s attempting to keep a more positive spin on Kyle’s legacy following his death, even if you don’t agree with everything being said.

(Via Fox News / Taya Kyle)