Commuters Learn Why You Don’t Stand Too Close To An Amtrak Train Plowing Through Fresh Snow

Earlier this week much of the Northeast was blanketed in a foot or more of snow in some parts thanks to Winter Storm Stella — or, “a frigging snowstorm,” as some of us called it. Many businesses closed for the storm or gave employees the option of working from home (if you’re not already fortunate enough to work from home all the time, anyway), but by Wednesday, most people were getting back to the grind.

Such was the scene at this Amtrak station in — well, I’m not exactly sure where, but somewhere in the Northeast — as commuters waited for the first train in the wake of the storm. As you can see, that is about a foot of snow sitting on those tracks as an approaching train speeds towards the station. A few of the hapless commuters make a feeble attempt to run for cover as the train gets nearer, bringing a virtual tsunami of snow with it — other than the woman in the foreground who provides a cautionary tale as to why you should look up from your damn phone once in awhile.

In the end no one was safe from the punishing wall of snow, including our intrepid cameraman who gets taken out along with everyone else. Consider this just another reason to stay in bed until spring.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)