An Arizona Man’s iPhone 6 ‘Exploded’ In His Pocket And Set His Pants On Fire

First, iPhone 6 users had to worry about their skinny jeans bending and breaking the aluminum bodies of their fancy new phones. Then they had to worry about blowing up their phones for being dumb enough to fall for 4Chan’s prank that told people they could charge the iPhone 6 in their microwaves. Now, though, it’s the iPhone 6’s turn to fight back, as one Arizona man claims that his caught fire in his pocket and burned a hole through the leg of his pants, leaving him with a second degree burn.

Phillip Lechter told Fox 10 News in Phoenix that he was riding in a rickshaw with his family after the University of Arizona’s football game, when a sudden bump made his leg and the phone in his pocket strike a bar on the rickshaw, which apparently initiated the iPhone 6’s self-destruct process.

“As the rickshaw tipped, I stepped out like this, and it drove the Apple phone into the bar of the rickshaw… luckily we weren’t injured at all, it was just one of those weird sensations like a roller coaster ride until I realized my pants were on fire” said Lechter.

Lechter says the phone burned through his jeans and his boxers.

“So these were the pants I was wearing… the part had the most heat was the glass, and that was up against my leg,” he said.

Lechter described seeing flames from his phone.

“The flames were coming out of the pocket the smoke was coming out of here… it did burn me as I pulled it out,” said Lechter. (Via Fox 10 News)

Lechter said that when his phone bent, the lithium battery popped out and caused the fire; however, he still hasn’t heard a “professional” opinion from someone at Apple as to why this even happened in the first place. His local store replaced the iPhone 6 for him, but even though he was promised that someone from corporate would call him, his phone has been silent. Still, I suppose that’s better than on fire.

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