An Epic Rap Battle Is Playing Out On Instagram Because That’s The New Stage

A new rap battle is emerging, and instead of it happening on stage, in the streets, or in person, it’s happening on Instagram. It all begins here:

That is some straight up sh*t talk, yo. I think? Gym mirrors are for checking your form, so you don’t hurt yourself, not to take selfies and let people know where you are. Anyway, 40 Glocc, or someone using his account, apparently posted a picture to Instagram showing Tiffney Cambridge, the ex-fiancée of The Game, and her kids.

As you can see by the post, 40 Glocc is talking all kinds of trash. I don’t know about you, but bringing kids into any fight – even a Instagram filtered photo rap battle – is pretty low down. But, apparently, as alluded to earlier, 40 Glocc is blaming the hackers.

Either he is lying about hackers, or the hacker can imitate his online speak perfectly. Does The Game have a response, or does he merely ignore whomever 40 Glocc is?

Does The Game love green lights as much as I do? Not quite. The green light means he’s given the OK to a hit being put on 40 Glocc. And how does Mr. Glocc respond to this? This deleted post tells The Game to come meet him in the streets so he can put a bullet in HIS head.

Remember when hip-hop beefs were awesome and terrifying at the same time? Now we have two rappers talking trash to each other on social networks. I can only imagine them playing capture the flag in a video game and one of them shooting the other in a blatant act of friendly fire.

(Via Gawker)