An Ohio Strip Club Held A Topless Protest At A Church That’s Trying To Shut It Down

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08.11.14 8 Comments
An Ohio gentlemen’s club has had all they can stands and can stands no more when it comes to a local church that’s been trying to get them shut down, finally taking matters into their own hands — or, boobs, you could say. Pastor Bill Dunfee, who runs the New Beginnings Ministries in Warsaw, Ohio, has been staging protests and relentlessly trying to have the “Foxhole” shut down for nine years now, until this past weekend when Foxhole owner Thomas George retaliated with a protest of his own.

About 30 staff members and family and friends of staff members from both Foxhole locations George owns marched and held signs for four hours, including several women who went topless, and plan to do so until the church climbs down out of their asses.

The Coshocton Tribune writes:

“We want to let (church members) know how it feels to be under scrutiny,” George said. “They come up every weekend. They’re very abusive and certainly not Christian-like, not what I read in my Bible. I have to point out the hypocrisy I see and not stand by and let this go on week in and week out.”

George said he was concerned about children being exposed to the nudity. He also apologized to the residents and other churches in Warsaw not affiliated with New Beginnings for being exposed to what he knew was an extreme, but necessary, measure.

Although George has stated he simply wants Dunfee and his followers to stop coming to his business, Dunfee said they will not stop their protests until the Foxhole is out of business.

Dunfee said his church opposes sexually oriented clubs everywhere and is simply fighting the one in their backyard. He encourages other churches to tackle such clubs in their areas and called Sunday’s topless demonstration “shameful.”

What a party-pooping, boner-hating zealot. About a year or two ago, there was some controversy in my neighborhood over a Muslim group that was unhappy with a new and much needed liquor store that was going to be put in around the corner from their mosque. Who cares what anyone else does? If religious organizations in America have freedom of religion, then the rest of us deserve the same freedom of tits and booze. God bless America and stuff.

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