Angela Vetri Does the L-Block Justice with Amazing Tetris Blanket

06.15.11 8 years ago

“Yeah, I’m pretty darn nerdy,” admits Angela Vetri. “I lean towards anime, sci-fi, video game and all-around science nerdiness. I wish Carl Sagan was my grandpa. I used to make cheers for math class, making my arms into a parabola or hyperbola. I dress up like anime and video game characters. I have a tattoo of the Fibonacci Spiral, as well as the whole ‘I was unpopular in middle school’ thing going on in the back of my head that I’ve since conquered.”
Add “geek seamstress” to that already impressive list of accomplishments.
Vetri recently finished her magnum opus (so far): a massive Tetris blanket that took around two months to complete. “Designing the pattern for the blanket and arranging the pieces and picking colors took a day or so, but the bulk of time was spent just making 150 little squares,” she explained.
The project was a request from a fan of her previous work – a Rubik’s Cube blanket – though Vetri admits she also loves the famous game. The talented crocheter is currently brainstorming numerous concepts for more nerdy creations. One in particular may cast a spell on “Final Fantasy” fans: “I’m working on a blanket with a pixelated White Mage from [the original] Final Fantasy.”
Vetri, who learned the skill from her mother as a child, believes celebrating games and geek culture with arts and crafts is simply a natural result of long-time players growing up.
“We still love our childhood games, toys, shows, etc. but can express it as adults now,” she said. “People get tattoos, make costumes and design household items with their favorite characters and logos on it.” Her favorite creative display of video game fandom? “The girl who made her baby a Moogle costume.”
She is always open to hearing suggestions for future projects, so if you have one (hint: a “Legend of Zelda” Triforce blanket) you can reach her Angela.Vetri at gmail dot com. Just don’t suggest she go out with you or anything; she’s taken, guys.
Check out this slideshow of more nerd blankets to get your creative juices flowing and then share your ideas in the comment section.


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