That Angry Splash Mountain Lady Finally Reveals The Story That Led Her Viral Stardom

You’ve lost sleep over it. It’s consumed you. I mean, how in the world could that woman have been so cross while riding Splash Mountain? Doesn’t she know she was at Disney World?? Doesn’t she know how fun it is???

Well now you can take it easy because she’s spoken out and put all our concerns to rest. Her name is Jordan Alexander and you’ll be more than relieved to know that according to Us Magazine, she “doesn’t take things too seriously.” Thank heavens.

It seems Jordan was a little perturbed that her husband Steven left her to ride the waves of the mountain by herself at the last second. So, to prove that she will not be left alone on a flume without proper warning, Jordan, a resident of Syracuse, made her best annoyed face to get a jab in at her missing spouse.

“By the time I was on the ride, I had calmed down [after being annoyed by Steven’s refusal to ride Splash Mountain], but I did know that I wanted to remember this. I wanted to look grumpy. So I saw the flash and I looked over and I had no idea if I was still making the face. … But once I got off the ride, I saw the photo and I knew he was going to die seeing it.”

How could Jordan have known that her little inside joke at Steven’s expense would go viral, resulting in 4 million Imgur views and one meme after another? That she’d become… “Angry Splash Mountain Lady?”

Well, she didn’t but at least she’s finally told the world about it now. Because where would we all be in this crazy life without people like Jordan Alexander and her philosophy to “keep a sense of humor about it all?”

Nowhere good, I tell you. Nowhere good at all. And it can be a lot worse:

(Via Us)

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