All The Times Anna Kendrick Took Control Of The Internet

In the past few years, Anna Kendrick has gained quite a following for herself. A lot of that is due to her great performances in movies like Pitch Perfect and Into The Woods, but it’s also because she just seems like a really cool person. Her tweets are honest, self-deprecating, and often hilarious, and as a talk show guest she’s generally up for anything. Now, let’s take a look back at all the times Anna Kendrick won over the citizens of the internet on Twitter, Instagram, and with TV moments that went viral in honor of this, her 30th birthday.

Gosling Problems

If you’re wondering, this tweet was sent out on January 14, 2013, so the movie in question was probably Gangster Squad. So, at least someone got something out of that movie.

GoT Daario Dong

People have been speaking out more and more about the lack of male nudity in films and TV shows — Kevin Bacon just joined the cause — but Anna Kendrick may have helped kick off this minor movement with one tweet about Game of Thrones‘ surprising restraint when it comes to showing off its male cast member’s members.

“Dongs All Over The World”

Saturday Night Live has been bringing it over the last few years with their song parodies — which is mildly surprising in the absence of The Lonely Island trio — and “Dongs All Over The World” is certainly on of the most popular on the web, at least partially because it features Kendrick dropping a sick rap about the International Nasty Girl travel itinerary and introducing us all to the dong/snowflake theory and the phrase, “Sexual Pokemon.”

A Sing Off With James Corden

Kendrick and Corden starred together in Into The Woods, so it made perfect sense that when she stopped by The Late Late Show to promote Pitch Perfect 2, their musical history would be revisited. The two engaged in a battle for the ages. Corden’s performance of “Bye Bye Bye” is impressive, but Kendrick blows him off the stage with a stirring rendition of Ludacris’s “Move B*tch.” Get out the way, indeed, Corden.

Her Fappening Response

Last year, several female celebrities — including Jennifer Lawrence — had revealing pictures of themselves illegally lifted off their phones and released on the internet in what became known as The Fappening. It was an ugly event that showed the internet at its worst, but that didn’t stop Anna from finding a way to get a laugh out of the whole ordeal.

Naked Selfie Etiquette

In this clip, Kendrick encourages us to “naked selfie your life away,” while also reminding us to clean our rooms before we do so. Of course, she admits that not everyone would be focusing on how clean someone’s room is when looking at a naked picture of them, but the fact that her first thought in the situation would be “who’s your interior decorator?” is why we love her.


Kendrick Vs. Pixar

Somehow, it’s comforting to know that even big movie stars are completely powerless against the menace that is The Pixar Tear-Extraction Machine.

Hawaiian Working Vacation

Nobody wants to look at your vacation pictures, but everyone wants to look at Anna Kendrick kicking it in Hawaii while making a movie with Zac Efron’s abs.

Super Bowl Live Tweet

People say the best thing about the Super Bowl is the commercials, but I’d argue that the best best thing is Anna Kendrick tweeting about the commercials. Here’s a collection of her micro-musings from last season’s big game.

Anna Kendrick As Indiana Jones

Playing on the recent news of an all-female Ghostbusters, this Red Nose Day sketch re-imagined Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade with Kendrick in Harrison Ford’s place.  She plays the character with a strong feminist edge, taking offense when being complimented for being “pretty.” Mostly, though, she decides to just take every grail laid out for her, deciding they’d all look nice in her house. Honestly, this should definitely be a full-length movie. No way it could be worse than Crystal Skull.

Lip Synching To “Booty” With J-Lo

The producers of Lip Synch Battle spoiled the joining of Anna Kendrick and J-Lo in their season promo, but if a big surprise happens on a TV show and no one is there to watch because the internet doesn’t lose its mind over it, does it really happen?

This really happened.

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