Anne Hathaway In The Full Catwoman Suit (And Other The Dark Knight Rises Updates)

If you thought the previous pictures of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman were missing something, we have good news. New pictures and set videos are out (see next page), and there are additions to the outfit, including stripper heels which, if you’ve played as many video games or read as many comics as we have, you know are absolutely essential to crimefighting. Sorry, Batman, but if you want to fight the crime you need to put on these f**k-me pumps I bought you. Don’t resist. Take a cue from Robin; he loved the shoes I bought him. “Holy looks-like-a-pump, feels-like-a-sneaker” he might have been saying through the ball gag. Well, this got weird.

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Here are two videos of a stunt on set. If you don’t want to know who was in the HEMTT, don’t look at the picture under the videos

Yep, it was Marion Cotillard. She always drives like that.

Here are some pictures of Anne Hathaway outside the Catwoman suit as Selina Kyle:

This set video spoils a big plot point, but it’s hard to see what’s happening. Spoiler: the scene takes place after the HEMTT crash. Batman hooks a winch from the Batwing to the crashed HEMTT while Catwoman looks on. Then they hug (sexy times) and Batman gets in the Batwing and flies off with whatever device was in Bane’s truck.

Leather catsuits on the next page: