The 'Ant-Man' Rumors About Paul Rudd And Rashida Jones Get Even More Awesome

We have an update to two rumors we loved, namely that Paul Rudd is one of Marvel’s top picks to play Ant-Man and that Rashida Jones might be cast as Janet Van Dyne, a love interest who would later become The Wasp. The second rumor was from a more questionable source, but we wanted it to be true.

Now Schmoes Know offer a confirmation of sorts with a post titled, “Paul Rudd And Rashida Jones Close to Being Cast as Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne!!!” They put three exclamation points in their headline, so you know it’s legit.

Thanks to our very reliable source, the same one that gave us the goods on the Beetle Juice 2 news we broke last week, we have here another very interesting development for Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man […] My source is telling me that the pairing of Rudd and Rashida Jones (reuniting from I Love You, Man) is high on the list with Marvel and might actually be a done deal. [Schmoes Know]

They go on to call it “more than a rumor” and a “very active development within Marvel’s camp”. We so want this to be true, but wholly anticipate having our hopes crushed like this dog’s were.

(Banner picture via Getty Images.)