The Internet Is Dancing On Anthony Scaramucci’s Career Grave After His Sudden White House Departure

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If you hadn’t heard already, Anthony Scaramucci’s 10-day reign of terror as White House Communications Director is suddenly finished. His sheer level of drama may be missed by the masses, for he’s easily the most bombastic thing to happen to the Trump administration, which is saying something. This sudden rise and fall of a powerful figure will only prompt more Godfather references, that’s for sure.

Following this swift ousting — which was likely prompted by the Mooch’s obscene interview in which he characterized Steve Bannon as one who self-fellatiates — Scaramucci’s officially having a terrible few days. His wife announced his divorce filing after the Mooch skipped his own child’s birth. Nonetheless, people are very amused to see the Mooch go after he threatened to fire everyone. And even though he succeeded in pushing out Reince Priebus, new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly decided to get rid of the problem child before he caused more of a ruckus.

Needless to say, the Mooch’s first post-firing interview should be amazing, but for now, people are laughing and celebrating, big time. Witness.

Well, at least someone out there will miss the Mooch. He left his investment firm and lost his wife, all to dictate the narrative of the Trump administration, and it did not go well. Aaand he’s out.