Anthony Weiner Is Caught Up In Yet Another Gross Sexting Scandal

Mere months after the Weiner documentary revealed the story behind the crash-and-burn escapades of Carlos Danger, Anthony Weiner has reentered the land of scandal. The New York Post now reveals that not only has the former congressman and NYC mayoral candidate reportedly not learned his lesson, but his antics are growing more cringeworthy with time.

Weiner is, of course, still very married to Huma Abedin, who’s also known as Hillary Clinton’s most trusted aide. Abedin has been occupied on the campaign trail of late, but she stood by her husband after he accidentally tweeted a lewd photo in 2011 and was subsequently exposed for (and admitted to) sexting with multiple women. He soon resigned from Congress and aimed to move forward, but at least one repeat incident hampered his efforts at political redemption. Weiner gave his NYC mayoral run a rousing effort but has since settled into consulting. He’s maintained a life of semi-obscurity, save for doling out opinions on the current election.

Yet the bad boy politico cannot steer clear of temptation, or so it would seem. The New York Post has published an exclusive story that exposes Weiner once more for sexting a woman (a “busty brunette”) who is not his wife. It must be noted that Weiner has not yet admitted to taking these photos, but that’s a mere formality, as the batch of pictures shows his face, a familiar physique and — uh — a child sleeping in bed next to him.

Yep, the man in the cover photo definitely looks aroused, and the picture clearly taken with sexting intent. The child’s face is blurred, so it’s not apparent how old he is, but Weiner and Abedin’s son was born in December 2011. The Post refers to Weiner as a “stay-at-home dad” and says the photo was sent on July 31, 2015. The woman reportedly texted back, “You do realize you can see you[r] Weiner in that pic??” She spoke on the condition of anonymity and claims that she and Weiner exchanged texts from January 2015 until about a month ago. She also says they never met in person.

More of the lurid exchanges (and more photos) can be seen here.

(Via New York Post)