AOC Put Rand Paul On Blast After He Suggested That She Shouldn’t Receive A COVID Vaccination

If Rand Paul had any self-respect, he would be stocking up on Neosporin after how badly he got burned by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter. But he (and the rest of the GOP) doesn’t, which is how we got here in the first place. The Republican senator from Kentucky, who recently claimed that “no science” is able to corroborate mask mandates (he also called masks “face diapers,” likely because he’s used to sh*t coming out of his mouth), was “asked about getting vaccinated with others in Congress,” he wrote on Twitter. “It is inappropriate for me – who has already gotten the virus/has immunity – to get in front of elderly/healthcare workers. Same goes for AOC or any young healthy person. They should be among last, not first.” The fact that he referenced Ocasio-Cortez, without actually tagging her, did not go unnoticed by the New York congresswoman.

“Gee, maybe if the GOP hadn’t spent so much time undermining public faith in science, masks, & COVID itself, I wouldn’t have to weigh the potential misinfo consequences of what wld happen if leaders urged ppl to take a new vaccine that we weren’t taking ourselves!” AOC tweeted in response to Paul. Then the knife: “& @ me next time.” Is it too late to get a “& @ me next time” shirt by Christmas? I hope not.

Ocasio-Cortez continued:

Our job is to make sure the vaccine isn’t politicized the way masks were politicized. If you actually listened to your constituents, you’d hear a LOT about viral claims about repro health. Ppl have ?s Leaders shld show we won’t ask others to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves.

Paul has yet to respond. He’s probably too busy not wearing a mask at the gym.

Oh, and AOC’s also putting the GOP on blast for continuing to fund Trump’s wall, rather than a larger stimulus. She’s not letting this go.

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