AOC Gushed About Her Pop-Culture Leadership Inspiration During A Breather From Our Nail-Biting Election

Let’s face it, we could all use a break from 2020. At the very least, we could use a breather from solely focusing on our continuing “Election Night” that may not resolve anytime soon. As vote-counting continues in battleground states, Joe Biden’s lead is widening while Donald Trump has been falsely claiming victory in states that he has not won as well as the entire nation. Luckily, TV can be a wonderful source of escapism, as well as a source of inspiration. To that end, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took a breather on Twitter to not only declare that she wants a nap, but she plans to hop onto Twitch soon to chat with a certain set of fans.

AOC’s referencing her Star Trek: Voyager love, which isn’t exactly a secret (more on that in a moment), and Captain Janeway herself was paying attention to the conversation. Kate Mulgrew hit AOC with a reply about Tuvok and Neelix while congratulating AOC on winning reelection in NY’s 14th congressional district.

In response, AOC revealed that Janeway served as her youthful inspiration on “how leadership means being responsible for working through dilemmas w/ no clear answers.” She continued: “All the easy decisions are made before it gets to the top. Janeway leads w/ focus on her mission – to get her crew home.”

The respect between AOC and Mulgrew isn’t new. The latter endorsed AOC at a 2018 rally and bestowed her with a badge/communicator.

And AOC’s nerdery runs deep, as her mother, Blanca Ocasio-Cortez, revealed in 2019 to Daily Mail that her daughter enjoyed watching Voyager with her late father, who saw some shades of Janeway in AOC. “In one scene, Captain Janeway (a character played by Kate Mulgrew) appears,” Blanca related. “[A]nd my husband, who could no longer talk, pointed at the captain then at Alexandria, and back and forth, to say to her he thought she’d be like Captain Janeway one day, someone in charge.”