Apocalypse Meow Episode One Free Online For A Limited Time

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The first episode of Apocalypse Meow (AKA Cat Sh*t One) is streaming free on YouTube for a couple weeks (video below).  It’s even the English-dubbed version.  They’re doing this to coincide with the release of the DVD and BluRay.  Finally.  It was originally planned to release last August. Here’s what we said about it before:

Last year Matt posted an awesome teaser for the CG adaptation of Motofumi Kobayashi’s manga Cat Sh*t One (sold in the U.S. as Apocalypse Meow), in which different animals (representing different countries) fight each other in wars from history (primarily Vietnam).  With different animals repping different countries, this kinda reminds me of the awesome Maus by Art Spiegelman.  The bunnies in the teaser below are the Americans, a pun for USA G.I. (usagi means rabbit in Japanese).

Strangely, the English-dubbed DVDs still say “Cat Sh*t One” even though the manga sold as Apocalypse Meow here. Anyway, I’m pretty sure we already have an entity dubbed “Cat Sh*t One” in this country.  I’m almost certain they performed at the Super Bowl halftime yesterday.

The clip above shows a preview before the full episode. To skip ahead to the start of the episode, go to 3:53.


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