Arizona’s Bizarre Election Recount Showed Trump Actually Got Fewer Votes And Biden Got Even More

Donald Trump’s dream is to apparently have every state in the Union recount their election results and show him magically winning the 2020 presidential election he lost to Joe Biden. But perhaps he should be careful what he wishes for if the results of the bizarre Arizona recount are any indication.

This week Trump actually argued that states like Texas need to recount their votes despite him actually winning the state’s electoral college votes. But the much-talked-about recount of Maricopa County’s votes by Cyber Ninjas officially showed that he lost the state in 2020 despite the company conducting it having a significant interest in finding ways that Trump claims he got cheated.

As the New York Times reported early Friday, Trump managed to actually lose votes in the process while Biden officially gained nearly 100 more.

In fact, the draft report from the company Cyber Ninjas found just the opposite: It tallied 99 additional votes for President Biden and 261 fewer votes for Mr. Trump in Maricopa County, the fast-growing region that includes Phoenix.

The results are a huge blow to MAGA fans desperate to find any proof of the election fraud that Trump predicted before the election and rallied for months about afterward. For months, some of Trump’s biggest supporters claimed a domino effect would take place after massive fraud was uncovered in Arizona and led to other states finding similar issues. But despite the shady nature of Cyber Ninjas’ months-long, delay-plagued review, they ultimately didn’t turn up anything of interest.

For many loyalists, the investigation has been seen as the first in a string of state inquiries that would, domino-like, topple claims that Mr. Biden was legitimately in the White House.

State Senator Wendy Rogers, a Republican who is among Arizona’s most ardent advocates of the stolen-election canard, underscored that faith in a single sentence posted Thursday on Twitter: “Tomorrow we make history.”

Instead, election experts said, an inquiry run by Trump partisans that was granted unrestricted access to 2.1 million ballots and election equipment failed to make even a basic case that the November vote was badly flawed, much less rigged.

The full report is still forthcoming, and will certainly be scrutinized by those worried about the security of the Cyber Ninjas recall. But right now it’s even more clear that, much like last November, Trump didn’t get what he was looking for in Arizona.

[via NY Times]