Of Course Jimmy Fallon Concocted A Way To Make Arnold Scream 'Get To Da Choppa!' On 'The Tonight Show'

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03.25.14 10 Comments

Did Jimmy Fallon seriously just put together a silly QVC sketch featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger for the sole purpose of getting him to scream, “get to the chopper!” Why yes, I believe he did. And the result is glorious.

Schwarzenegger has long been a living soundboard for his famous quotes. Since he’s making the rounds to promote Sabotage, I can’t blame The Tonight Show for jumping at the chance to utilize it on the air. Even if the bit is incredibly stupid from the get go.

This reminds me of how much I hold to the idea that Predators would’ve been much cooler if Arnie was involved in the Laurence Fishburne role. It’s not that I disliked Cowboy Curtis or his crazy survivalist antics. I just think that connecting it to the original in a way that wasn’t subtle winks and rehashed plot would’ve been a lot more fun. At least we still have ]Gary Busey.

(Via The Tonight Show)

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