It's No Trick: The Arrested Development Art Show Really Happened

Casey Weldon “Living Classics Pageant” [via]

If you enjoyed our previous preview of Arrested Development art from Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, we have good news. The show, There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand, opened this weekend and the entire thing is now online. Additionally, some of the art is still available to purchase. Check your banana stands if you need to be flush with cash to pick up some of these masterpieces.

Now that every bit of Arrested Development art is online, we’re able to collect our favorite twenty or so pictures which weren’t already featured in the previous gallery. This gallery is going to be off the hook!

Joey Spiotto’s “The Bluths – Come On” [via]

Kirk Demarais’ “The Bluths” [via]

Darin Shock’s “A Magician Named G.O.B” [via]

Clinton Reno’s “Franklin Bluth” [via]

Philip Tseng’s “Loose Seal” [via]

Ian Glaubinger’s “Bluth Family Chicken Dance” [via]

Joe Van Wetering’s “Fighting Dragons From The Future” [via]

Brandon Sopinsky’s “A Loose Seal’s Revenge” [via]

The Bungaloo’s “No Touching, I’ve Made A Huge Mistake” [via]

Ellen Schinderman’s “There’s No Place Like Bluth” (cross stitch) [via]

Luke Lombardo’s “Bluth Mother” [via]

Nate Duval’s “Alliance Of Magicians” [via]

Dave Quiggle’s “This Kind Of Agility” [via]

Brad Hill’s “Hey Parientes” [via]

Becky Dreistadt’s “Gob Makes A Yacht Disappear” [via]

Aled Lewis’ “The Sword Of Destiny” [via]

Cuyler Smith’s “Going To See Pop Pop” [via]

Julia Heglund’s “For British Eyes Only” [via]

Nick Comparone’s “These Are My Awards, Mother” [via]

Doug LaRocca’s “Tobias, Actor” Print [via]

Joe Van Wetering’s “I’m A Monster (What Do You Expect, Mother? I’m Half Machine)” [via]

Carlos Ramos’ “It Ain’t Easy Being Brown” [via]