Pretty Little Liar Ashley Benson Wore An ‘Ignorant’ Cecil The Lion Halloween Costume

Getty Image

Ashley Benson, the star of your younger cousin’s favorite TV show, Pretty Little Liars, could have dressed as Tina Belcher, or a Rebel Alliance Pilot from Star Wars, or Netflix and Chill for Halloween. Instead, she’s planning on going as Cecil the Lion, because remember when that was a thing?

Benson recently uploaded a photo of herself in a lion costume to Instagram. Now, this could have been any ol’ lion. The MGM Lion, Mufasa, the Cowardly Lion. But nope, it was Cecil, the giant cat killed by Walter Palmer, a cowardly dentist from Minnesota. She wrote, “Help! Can’t decide on my Halloween costume this year! What do you guys think of this Cecil the Lion costume?”

At only $118.95, it’s quite the steal.

She eventually changed the caption to read, “What do you guys think of this lion costume?” But, naturally, because this is the internet we’re talking about, the original text had been screencapped, and people were not pleased.

One follower wrote: “you called it ‘Cecil the Lion!’ #clueless #smh #insensitive,” and another added, ”It’s a shame lions can’t wear dead ignorant humans as costumes. Totally unaware douche.” (Via US)

Coming to Freeform, the Pretty Little Liars spin-off: Totally Unaware Douches.