Scientists Say Disaster Movies Like ‘Deep Impact’ And ‘Armageddon’ Got Asteroids All Wrong

03.08.19 5 months ago

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The summer of 1998 brought the American viewing public a pair of disaster films that will forever be associated with each other. Armageddon and Deep Impact both hit theaters with extremely similar concepts and changed the way moviegoers think about the end of the world. In short, it can come from space from really big rocks, unless mankind can get its sh*t together and stop it.

The themes are slightly different in each film, but it’s really hard to pry them apart 21 years later. And listen: there’s a long list of things that are wrong logically with the movies, especially Armageddon. Even Ben Affleck has hilariously explored those plot holes in the movie’s DVD commentary. But there are nuggets, or at least slight concepts in the films, that are at least scientifically inspired. But science has now given us a more official fallacy to address from the films.

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