At Last, A Farting Full-Pelvis Condom That Limits Skin-On-Skin Contact

Safe sex and the prevention of STDs is serious business, but it’s hard to take the Scroguard seriously after you watch the above infomercial and read a little bit about the product.

Basically, the Scroguard is a giant latex Mormon diaper with a little hole poked through for your member. It’s intended as a barrier method that “comfortably reduces skin-to-skin contact during sex in the genital areas not covered” by a traditional peen sheath.

The risk of contracting genital herpes or HPV from skin-to-skin contact while wearing a standard condom is real, but while the Scroguard’s stated mission is to reduce skin-to-skin contact for the areas not covered by a standard condom, the product is not FDA approved and there are disclaimers on the Scroguard site stating that the product is, “not to be construed as a way to mitigate or prevent disease.”

Also, it farts. Or at least, it makes fart-like noises. This is caused by “air pockets” between the product and the wearer and I’m sure that the experience is a hilarious one. And that’s good, because you’ll need to cut the tension after you’ve informed your partner that they are putting off a vibe that says that extra layer of protection is required and that their vagina scares you.

In addition to those noises and the inability to declare that it can prevent the spread of STDs, the Scroguard is washable and it is one size fits all up to a size 48 waist.

The cost of one Scroguard is $19.99 and I don’t understand why they use a drawing of a dog as a part of their logo.

Source: Daily Dot