Step Aside ‘Pacific Rim’, The Trailer For ‘Atlantic Rim’ Is Here To Punch Our Monster

The Asylum produces mockbusters with titles similar to popular big budget movies. Some of their most recent masterpieces include Almighty Thor, Abraham Lincoln V. Zombies, Sherlock Holmes, and Moby Dick (Call me Ishmael. *guitar solo*). They were also taken to court to change the names of two of their sound-alike movies, American Battleships and Age Of The Hobbits. We’re betting their current offering may be courting another lawsuit.

Below is the trailer for The Asylum’s Atlantic Rim, not to be confused with Pacific Rim even though they have the same damn plot. Atlantic Rim‘s second unit director Paul Sinor told the Pensacola Digest that “monsters come from the sea. The sea floor opens up and these things come out.” Yep, same plot. The trailer even includes a woman’s voiceover calling a giant robot “Magipsee Dive” instead of Gipsy Danger, among several other similar action beats.

On the other hand, Atlantic Rim stars Anthony “Treach” Criss from Naughty by Nature and at the 28 second point in the trailer you can see tubes of water heater insulation foil wrapped with EL wire in the background. Beat that, Pacific Rim casting agents / set designers!

This was originally titled From The Sea, presumably so Oscar nominee Graham Greene wouldn’t realize he was signing on for a mockbuster. And, hoo boy, does this have some poignant dialogue.

“He was the first one to sign up, and he passed all the tests.”

Send the other candidates home. We’re trusting humanity’s fate to the guy who bum-rushed the sign-in sheet.

“What is that?”
“It’s very, very large.”

How very, very descriptive.

“He’s a reckless liability.”
“But he’s the best we’ve got.”

Oh well, it’s still better dialogue than Rihanna had in Battleship.

What the hell kind of billboard is “Air Collision: Times Square”?

Of course the robot has a hammer and the Statue of Liberty gets destroyed.


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