A Teen Dubbed #Eggboy Egged An Australian Politician Who Blamed Muslims Immigrants For New Zealand’s Mass Shooting

03.16.19 4 months ago


The horrific details from a mass shooting at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, continue to come out as a nation and the world mourns. The attack appears to be racially motivated, as the shooter had a lengthy missive online containing hateful comments about people of color and immigrants.

That hatred hasn’t been enough for those who’ve blamed Muslim immigrants, some of which were the target of the attack that left 49 people dead. Some reactionaries immediately tried to shuffle blame from one place to another as a suspect, who apparently live-streamed at least part of the mass shooting, appeared in court for the first time on Saturday.

Australian senator Frasier Anning has a history of blaming immigrants for things, and he took the chance to comment on the death of 49 people by blaming immigrants for being targeted by white supremacists, saying they’re “the real cause of bloodshed.”

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