Australia ‘Today’ Host Karl Stefanovic Declares Himself #TeamDryLand After This Insane Shark Video

Checking in with everybody’s favorite Australian TV host, Karl Stefanovic; on Monday morning, Stefanovic and his fellow Today host rolled a clip involving a monster shark that literally left the both of them speechless. After a few moments of baffled, hilarious silence panning back and forth between the two hosts, Stefanovic announced: “I am never. Going. Back. In the. Water.”

Recently, I met someone from Australia and, like a dumb, predictable American, asked them if their country really is as terrifying a place as the internet would have us believe. They claimed it’s really not, because the areas where most people live are far away from where the terrifying things are (although I still call bullsh*t because of stories like this and this).

But judging by Stefanovic’s reaction, I’m starting to wonder if people in Australia are really just completely oblivious about the dangers that lurk everywhere around them. Of course it’s a terrifying nightmare Godzilla shark! Where do you think you live, Delaware?