Meet The Awesome Dad Who Will Pay His Daughter $200 To Quit Facebook For Five Months

Last month, we checked in on the unique story of mother-of-four Janell Burley Hofmann, who became an instant Internet and network news sensation after her blog post about making her son sign a contract to receive an iPhone went viral. Basically, Hofmann’s teenage son asked her for an iPhone for Christmas and she agreed if he was willing to sign an 18-point contract that included clauses such as no pornography, no sexting and no bullying, among others. While some people thought she was being a little overbearing and conservative, others thought it was an interesting way to imply to a young person that there is more to life than just the digital world.

Now, the father of a teenage girl is on his way to becoming an Internet star for his more blunt approach to getting his teenage daughter off of Facebook – he’s bribing her.

Rachel Baier, a 14-year-old high school student from Wellesley, Mass., struck a deal with her dad that would require her to completely walk away from the popular social network for five months. In exchange, her father Paul will pay her $200. If successful, the teenager will receive $50 on April and $150 in June.

To ensure fulfillment of the signed agreement, the elder Baier has access to the high schooler’s Facebook account and can change the password to avoid reactivation. Given that this was the 14-year-old’s idea in the first place, that shouldn’t be a problem. (Via The Daily Dot)

Paul claims that Rachel told him that she thinks that Facebook is a waste of time, so she’s glad to do this and earn a little coin for her effort. But I see right through this charade, because anybody can tell that Facebook is on its last leg with a collective IQ of 6. Did you read the story about the girl who sucked on a bloody tampon? Seriously, if that’s the kind of person who is ruling Facebook right now, then we need more parents bribing their kids off the Internet all together.

Hell, if anything, Rachel is just ahead of the curve thanks to some of these warnings signs from Lamebook.

And my recent favorite…