Aziz Ansari Hates The Word Foodie: ‘Call The People Who Don’t Care What They Eat Food Bozos’

Just before he heads to New York City for the annual Met Gala, Aziz Ansari welcomed a reporter from Vogue into his home to make him a smoothie, give him a tour, and answer 73 random questions while he was at it. The resulting eight-minute-long video provides some unexpected insight into Ansari’s life, with revelations about everything from him learning how to speak fluent Italian while filming season two of Master of None, to the fact that Amy Poehler’s kids like to call him “turkey sandwich.”

Some of the other things we picked up over the course of the video is that you can count Ansari in with the people who absolutely loathe the word “foodie,” as he correctly notes that weirdos who don’t care what they eat should instead be labeled “food bozos.” As far as dating tips and how to make a woman laugh, Ansari says: “Be honest, be yourself, try to connect with them, hope for the best.” Likewise his Tinder pick-up line is: “Devs is going to Whole Foods. Want me to pick you up anything?” His childhood crush is Elaine Benes, and his deal-breaker is not liking Seinfeld.

Finally, as far as who he’d like to play him in a movie, Ansari says: “Hopefully I get the part, but I feel like the way things are going it would probably be Dev Patel or Riz Ahmed.” Those guys are really popular.